The Many Benefits of Cabinet Refacing – Family Magazine

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Cabinet refacing can be compared to kitchen cabinet remodeling. There is no need to replace your entire cabinetry. Instead, hire a cabinet refacing firm which will create a fresh look for your cabinets. So, how does the process for refacing your kitchen cabinets work? The drawer fronts, doors trimmings, molding, and trims are removed, but the actual cabinet box is kept. The cabinet is then covered in the same laminate to look like a new door as well as a drawer fronts manufactured by the kitchen cabinet company.

Cabinets comprise 40-50 percent of kitchen renovation expenses. A lot of people are unaware of the process of refacing cabinets and wind with spending thousands on brand new cabinets. Through refacing, the old hardware will be restored and is pristine. Be sure to research before you choose a contractor to build kitchen cabinets. Choose the company with a an excellent reputation and has a long-standing history.