3 Reasons why you should use RSS feed WordPress

RSS or Rich Site Summary is a format used by many websites that constantly update their contents. Through this format websites can easily update their content and at the same time, their updates are received by their subscribers. In other words, through the RSS feed, users can automatically receive the news, articles and information once they come out or are published in the website. The advantage of subscribing or using the RSS feeds is that the users no longer need to visit the site to check out if there are new updates from the site. They also do not need to go directly to the site to read the new content or update. They automatically receive it from the feeds. The same with other sites and blogs, there are many advantages of adding RSS feeds WordPress to your WordPress blog. If you are not familiar with RSS feeds WordPress, here are three reasons why you should use RSS feed WordPress.

First, WordPress RSS feeds is like an invitation to visitors to your site. A first time visitor may suddenly find your posts or articles worth reading. He may find it informative or entertaining. Or your WordPRess blog meets his interest. He may then want to follow you and read other posts from you as you publish them. Once he sees the WordPress RSS feed, it is a sign or invitation from you telling him that he is welcome to subscribe. That RSS feeds WordPress button is you telling the visitors to be a part of your WordPress blog.

Second, the RSS feeds WordPress one of the strongest connections you can have with your readers or followers. The RSS feeds WordPress shall allow your readers to get your posts as you publish them. Now, what you have to remember is that a lot of people do not always have the time to visit the websites and the blogs that they like. The only way for them to get the updates is through the RSS feeds WordPress. Thus the RSS feeds WordPress connects you to your reader even if they do not have the time to visit your blog. Now without the RSS feeds WordPress, you run the risk of losing valuable readers because they can just as easily forget you if they are busy, away on a vacation or even sick. With the RSS feeds WordPress however, they can be updated.

Third, the RSS feeds WordPress is simply a matter of taking care of your readers. You can look at it like a free service which they can use for free. It is up to them if they want the feed or not. But as a good blogger, you are giving them the most convenient way of getting your posts. You want them to have the option of choosing to use it or not.