Save Yourself the Time and Do the RSS Thing

The internet is all about convenience. It takes things that would otherwise take minutes or days to complete, and does them in mere seconds. Take, for example, the RSS feed download. It takes your favorite sites, and clumps them conveniently all into one central location. This allows you to bypass the act of opening dozens of regularly visited tabs, waiting for them all to load, only to find that the majority of them do not have any new content on them. Instead, via your RSS feed reader for websites, you can simply just look to see all of the new updates for every single feed that you are subscribed to.

Before you can do any RSS feed downloads, you must first choose an RSS reader. You have two options. One is a built-in browser reader. It allows you to simply open a webpage, log in, and access your RSS feeds directly. Good thing: it allows you to access your RSS feeds anywhere, no matter the computer, as long as you can log in. Bad thing: you have to use it in a browser, which means you need to keep it open all of the time if you want real-time updates.

The other option is the downloadable, installable program that runs on your computer. Think of it like Microsoft Outlook, but for RSS feed downloads. It is an independent program that can run in the background and notify you as things become updated. As long as it is connected to the internet, you have instant access to all of your feeds. Good thing: you do not need to allocate a spot in your web browser for it. It is standalone. Bad thing: you must access your RSS feeds through that program. You cannot see them on another computer if it does not have the program installed.

After having chosen the reader, your next logical step is to get RSS feeds for websites that you like and want to see constant updates for. Most RSS feed readers will have lists built right in that you can browse through and subscribe directly. Another option is to look for RSS feed websites that have lists and links compiled there. Those should also allow you to one-click subscribe, making collecting all of your favorite sites a breeze to join.

Stop wasting all of that time on waiting for countless tabs to load every day. Set it up so that all that you need to do is open a single RSS reader, and never wait for loading again. In fact, as long as you have it open, you can get real-time updates. This keeps you the most informed and aware of all of the news you read.