Tips on Setting up WordPress RSS Feeds

Immediately after you start a new blog, you need to start thinking about syndicating your content. RSS is an acronym for “Really Simple Syndication,” and it is difficult to come across a blog that does not have the typical little orange square button for subscribing to an RSS feed. Loyal readers have the option to receive your new content automatically if you use RSS feed WordPress. Therefore, you can send promotional offers, advertisements and insightful information to keep your subscribers happy. Using RSS feed WordPress to its full advantage requires you to implement a few simple techniques as a blogger.

First off, you need to put up your feed on popular social bookmarking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Technorati. By placing your RSS feeds WordPress on popular social bookmarking sites, you will be able to spread your information easier, which creates more online visibility. Next, you can use Feedburner as a tool for your WordPress RSS feeds. You can socialize your feed and use Twitter when you add new content as well. Pinging your website is an important step that many bloggers forget to implement. Pinging your blog will show more traffic, creating an increase in your Google rankings.

After you add RSS feed WordPress and utilize popular social bookmarking sites, you will need to submit your feed to RSS feed directories. You can find both free and paid RSS feed directories you can use to spread your content all over the web. Finally, you should take the time to submit your blog to search engines and web directories. Producing RSS subscribers is possible by offering free promotional products or services. Once you follow these few simple tips after adding a RSS feed WordPress, you will need to post quality content that is relevant to your target audience.