Hire a Local Roofer When You Need an Inspection in Rochester – Rochester Magazine

he roof. Ben Gromicko’s Youtube video “Performing a Roof Inspector with Russ Ackerman(r)” highlights points to check for ventilation, gutter, shingle or shingle installation, flashing and flashing requirements.

In the video Russ Ackerman begins by documenting the system of attic ventilation, located beneath the roof. It may also contain gables and roof vents. Next, inspect the drainage gutters as well as the drip edge flashing on the roofing shingles. Ackerman inspects the attic ventilation systems , as well as the state of the roof vents when in the attic. Ackerman also recommends that overview photographs of the roof from various angles to check the state of the shingles, flashings as well as nails. He further suggests that the shingles need to be closely linked and any disparities should indicate the need for repair.

Every rooftop penetration and associated installations should also be documented to aid in the preparation of a comprehensive roofing repair evaluation and quote. When you’re in need of a roof inspection for your home in Rochester and surrounding areas, you can hire an expert local roofing contractor who has an abundance of roofing knowledge in order to complete the job correctly. l8glcic17s.