6 Signs of an Inauthentic Mexican Restaurant – Cooking Advice Now


e unaware of what constitutes authentic Mexican cooking, further aggravates the circumstance. The authentic Mexican cooking offers dishes that resemble the dishes made by Mayan Indians thousands of years back. It is therefore essential to differentiate the genuine from the fake restaurants to taste the delicious Mexican cuisine.

The authentic Mexican dinners feature popular food items including burritos, tacos, and the popular enchiladas. As opposed to the untrue Mexican establishments that advertise a authentic Mexican menu of food, authentic meals do not have silly names such as “quadruple Decker’s loaded enchilada’, or the’super mega burrito’. They are simply not on their menus.

Genuine Mexican restaurant chains also stay true to their unique culture and do not require to embellish their decor. The appeal of a restaurant isn’t about the color or elaborate the decorations however, it is the genuine Mexican dishes it serves. This means that you’re likely to be dining at the wrong Mexican food establishment if the walls are decorated with maracas or sombreros photos across the walls.