The Way To Instant Gratification, Instantly

The Internet has become all about fast, easy to use services that supply users with instant gratification. Yet the most common thing that websites do is update. This can sometimes infuriate users, as they are suddenly thrust into change without a way to see it coming.

That is why there are ways to stay in the know about the most interesting places on the web without having to get tons of emails or losing tempers. With WordPress RSS feed this is accomplished by allowing the user to follow the changes being made to the website they are interested in.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and the way this is combined with WordPress, which is a free open source blogging tool helps to create online sources that are easy to access. With RSS feeds WordPress allows for what most of the Internet allows, and that is a simple site.

There are differences between a site that is simple and one that is difficult to use. With WordPress RSS feeds allow it to be simple in that there are updates which the user can automatically control. Difficult websites are websites where the content is harder to obtain, the updates are confusing, and they generally dissuade people from coming back.

With RSS feed WordPress has become very popular and streamlined, as most open source tools should be. The user is top priority when it comes to making a site, as traffic is what will keep it going. The smoother the operation of said site, the more traffic, since people will want to keep track of updates an what is going on with it.