Why Webmasters Love WordPress RSS Feeds

To help your users to stay on top of your updates, or to follow different WordPress sites that you have bookmarked, it may help to find a WordPress RSS feed list and reader that can make the process much easier. With a RSS feed WordPress sites become that much more user friendly, as you can see new updates whenever they are posted. Those updates could include media, such as audio or video, depending on what the WordPress RSS feed is configured to display. You can set up WordPress RSS feeds to work with podcast catcher applications, for example, or you could use them to just stream updates and news from your WordPress blog or company site. What ever your goal is, using WordPress RSS feed lists is a good way to get exposure as well.

WordPress is an extremely convenient and widely used platform that both individuals and companies have utilized to launch their websites, but the WordPress RSS feed takes the convenience of WordPress a step further by making updates and news items easier to follow. When your readers have the latest RSS feeds WordPress has to offer, it can make it much easier for them to check back when you have new products, announcements on events, and other news that you may want to pass around quickly and easily. For companies and individuals that like to distribute original content, the WordPress RSS feed is also one of the easiest ways to make the process automatic. Users can enter the feed address into software and then receive updates whenever they are released. Video podcasts, for example, are a popular example of a media rich WordPress RSS feed that users tend to respond well to.

Whether you are a new company that wants to be able to reach more users, or you want to give your fans something to read every day, using a WordPress RSS feed properly is easy to do. You just need to set up your own RSS feed linked to your site, and then either list it within a directory or make that RSS feed address visible within your site. You can usually link it in the same row as other icons and links, such as the same row as your social media icons. By adding a WordPress RSS feed to your site, you make it easier for users to know when they should check back in.