Globally Important Tips Addressing Property Maintenance for New Homeowners – Infomax Global

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12. Repaint Exterior

Let’s face it, most of us make snap judgments about properties solely based on the exterior. Replacing the exterior of your home with paint work with skilled house painters can improve its curb appeal while keeping moisture and decay of wood away. HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights Survey 2019 estimates that exterior painting can run up to $2,000 and will earn the possibility of a 51% increase in investments if your property gets to be sold. If you’re not ready for such a significant task it’s possible to get little or no work done for just 100 dollars.

13. Fix any cracks that may have formed in your Driveway

Be sure to inspect your driveway, patio, or walkway for cracks or cracks in concrete the moment temperatures increase. Small cracks develop into bigger cracks. You can save money on repair work for your outdoor area by resurfacing damaged spots as soon they become apparent. Think about mud jacking or slab jacking if the cracks you have in your concrete are not deep enough to be addressed by simple Resurfacing. This method, which raises the concrete slabs using grout beneath them, often will cost half as much as laying down a brand new slab. Compactor services can also be an alternative.

14. Prune around trees

The new homeowner is often unaware of trees in the course of maintaining their property. The branches of trees that are too close to power lines, or even your property can pose a danger in the longer-term. HomeLight estimates that falling branches cause $1 billion annually in property damages. If you own a property with trees, consider hiring a professional tree trimmer at least once a year to trim trees while they look for any potential issues.

15. Replace the HVAC filters

The AC can live longer, work better and maintain its air quality. It is possible to consider signing up for a service which will deliver a new filter to your home if you forget.