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oved the ones. The room for watch allows family to observe the body being loaded into the crematorium and have the control to turn on the crematorium if they want. Some families prefer to be there during the entire process.

Cremation is straightforward and quick. The body is lowered into the crematorium by the body lift. It is also called”retort” “retort”. The computer is in charge of all aspects of the cremation process, such as temperatures and the progress. The identity of the cremated body is vital. The cremation process is very clear. procedure to ensure that your body’s identity remains a secret throughout the process and a tag is included in the body’s urn.

The process can last from 2.5 hours up to 3.5 hours depending on how big the person is. When the funeral is completed The remains may be transferred to a room that has been prepared. Here the bones are broken up so they’re in line with all the other bones. Any metallic implants are also removed at this point. The body is now fully removed, and the urn is now ready for family members to pick up. pgueqzsgse.