Common Areas of Practice for Lawyers – Free Litigation Advice

ing from traffic violations to homicide charges. The criminal justice system, unlike other areas of practice, such as law and civil that are litigious. An experienced criminal lawyer ought to possess a Bachelor of Laws. An Juris Doctorate or Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) is required to qualify as a professional criminal lawyer. In some nations, like those in United States, one can be a lawyer without having a degree and take the bar exam.
2. Immigration

The law of immigration is concerned with the laws of other countries. It’s the duty for an immigration attorney to guide their client through the immigration system, whether in their home or destination country. Immigration law covers all aspects of obtaining permission to immigrate to and live in a different country to submitting documents that grant the family members of yours permission to be admitted. For assistance with immigration laws, those who are seeking citizenship or require green cards might also be asked to visit the offices of immigration.

For a competent immigration lawyer, getting degrees in the discipline is strongly recommended. While a bachelor’s level degree can suffice, if you are attracted to more difficult instances then it is recommended to pursue a Juris Doctorate may be required. A lawyer for immigration must be knowledgeable about the law of the country in which they represent their client. It is the same as other areas of practice. Immigration lawyers can’t represent clients in immigration courts even if they do not have these. Remember that immigration law can vary from country to country and state to state. It is essential to be well-versed in all areas of law.

3. Drunk driving

In the majority of legal systems, a certain area of law deals the issue of driving under the influence. It could be one of the criminal cases. An attorney for drunk driving will take care of the legal defense for clients, whether that be for the traffic infraction or the more serious offense. This can differ depending on the state.