Why are Families Choosing PEX Piping? – My Maternity Photography

in the event of a serious water leak. This is why PEX piping is so popular. PEX pipe has numerous advantages against other forms. Through this clip, you’ll see how it compares.

Copper plumbing is in use in many older houses. It was the standard for the better part of the century. However, that is shifting. More than 50% of American homes are using CPVC pipe. It’s an affordable alternative to copper. It’s not as long-lasting as copper pipe. Yet, what if I informed you that there is a type of piping which is just similar to CPVC and has the same durability as copper? PEX pipes have both these advantages. That is why PEX pipes are quickly being a popular choice among families. It’s also simple to install. It can be bent and is usually connected via push-to connect fittings that feel like building with Legos instead of actual plumbing. It’s that simple, you could make it your own with just a few YouTube videos. If you’re looking to upgrade your pipe, you should consider PEX and save cost and time.